The GRAND OLE PICNIC – September 15th





The Custer County Republican Central Committee, through strong leadership, moral strength, and community involvement, strives to promote the ideals of the Republican Party, and the conservative values of Custer County, Colorado. We believe in a strong, but limited, government; personal responsibility; equal opportunity for all by protecting the rights of all citizens; and, elected officials that provide outstanding leadership.

Our mission is to protect the unalienable rights of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness for every member of society. “We believe that our elected officials serve all the citizens of their congressional districts and states. Every elected official is responsible to listen to, be available to and make decisions in the best interest of his/her constituency. Remaining totally truthful in all communications and living up to all campaign promises and commitments must be primary objective.

We intend to accomplish this by promoting the election of qualified Republicans to local, state and federal office as a result of the efforts of a strong county party at the grass-roots level.